Testimonials of Loh Eng Soon, Eric

July 2015

“I have recently retired after 40 years as a music examiner. During that period I have examined many thousands of candidates and heard the work of hundreds of teachers all over the world. A few teachers have stood out as being exceptionally talented and successful and ERIC LOH is among them.

How best to summarise what makes him the excellent teacher that he is?

1. He is a first rate guitarist himself, able to teach and coach advanced level students, including those preparing for diplomas. But he is also sensitive to the needs of beginners, relating well to the younger student.

2. He cares about his pupils, enjoying an informal but business-like relationship with them, so that they want to work hard for him.

3. He is well qualified, holding both teaching and performing diplomas, including a teacher’s licentiate, the ‘gold standard’ as far as the profession is concerned, and he is always keen to further develop his skills. In addition to his musical qualifications, he holds a bachelor’s degree from NUS and an MBA (master’s degree).

4. He has one of the best records of examination successes that I know of, with numerous passes at distinction and merit levels.

5. He is a charismatic and enthusiastic teacher and students thrive on his energetic approach to study.

6. He teaches at home, where his wife assists him with the administration side, and where pupils are treated as part of their extended family.

I have had the pleasure of examining his students on several occasions so have personal knowledge of his thorough and careful preparation of candidates.
He is without question a leading figure in the teaching of guitar in Singapore and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Dr John Beilby, BMus, PhD, MTC(Lond), GLCM, FLCM, LRAM, LTCL, HonFEIMS
(formerly, Senior Examiner, LCME, University of West London, UK)

Below are testimonials given by my students who have completed their studies with me, at grade 8 or higher level.

“Mr Loh is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable mentor, always exceeding expectations of what a music teacher should be.
Regardless of classical guitar or music theory, he is a master of his craft. Tapping on his vast guitar playing experience, he is able to quickly point out issues that I am experiencing, sometimes even before I approach him for guidance. He tailors lessons effectively to cater to the needs of each student, ensuring that I am never put off by the material that can sometimes be tougher to grasp.
Being a student of Mr Loh extends beyond learning music. Mr Loh holds a special place within my heart as a mentor and friend. He is one to count on for advice. Additionally, Mr Loh and his family never fails to make me feel at home with their genuine and caring personalities. For this, I am thankful.
Attending lessons with Mr Loh is never a bore!”

Sheena Tan
Trinity Theory Grade 8 (2022)
Economics Undergraduate NTU

Sheena Tan Trinity Theory Grade 8 Cert May 2022

“When I first joined Mr. Eric Loh’s classes, I did not know what to expect as it was my first time having music lessons. Classes with Mr. Loh were surprisingly fun and relaxing, which is very different from what I imagined a usual music lesson would be. I felt that being relaxed was key in helping me learn better. Mr. Loh was very passionate both about teaching, and the instrument itself. The welfare of his students always took priority.
Mr. Loh told me that we could start to prepare for Grade 8 certification when I first met him, which was a surprise to me given that I had no prior formal music education. Under his patient and watchful guidance, I was pleasantly surprised to have achieved a distinction in Grade 8, just 9 months later.”

Dr Walter Chee
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2022)
Medical Doctor

Chee Kuok Loong Walter Classical Guitar Grade 8 2022

“Great instructor! Not just able to play guitar well, but also impart his skills unto others too. He is very patient and humorous, making learning even the most challenging of pieces fun! Thanks to him, I had the motivation to finish my Grade 8 guitar examination. Highly recommended.”

Ian Yeo Kai Wen
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2021)

Ian Yeo Classical Guitar Grade 8 2021

“My journey with Mr Eric Loh has been exceptionally fruitful, especially the times that I spent during his diploma lessons. As one of his senior students, I find that I am extremely blessed that Mr Loh has always been there for me, be it when I was a brash teenager or when I am an independent young adult. Through Mr Loh’s hard work and teaching, my playing has been refined and improved. I would have likened his teaching process to wine making, as the strength of my hands and playing have been brought out through years of practicing.

Even as a teacher now, I still consult Mr Loh from time to time on methods of teaching and it never fails to amaze me when I see Mr Loh teach his students according to their capabilities and ages. It can be said that his teaching epitomises the way of how music teaching should be: adapting to the needs of the student, and enabling him/her to appreciate and perform music in the best possible manner.

Under his tutelage, I have successfully accomplished 2 tiers of music diplomas (Dip and Associate), and it is an achievement that I will adorn with honor.”

Tan Li Yuan Marcus, ALCM
Associate Diploma of the London College of Music, ALCM (2021)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2018)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)

Tan Li Yuan ALCM 2021

” After passing DipLCM and becoming a teacher myself, I have once again realised how dedicated Mr Loh is to teaching, with his teaching style catered to each student, and that his teaching methodology is efficient and yet within the limits of each student.
Having experienced both group lessons and individual lessons from Mr Loh, he is indeed skillful in managing his teaching style, where during group lessons he manages to teach everyone while keeping it fun and interesting, whereas during individual lessons, having that personal touch in his teaching makes us feel like we are part of his extended family. During lessons, we have not only talked about Classical Guitar, but he has also imparted important life lessons. Before COVID-19, he would arrange for annual concerts for us to enjoy and have a chance to practice performing in front of a crowd to prepare for exams too.
Being under his tutelage for around 10 years, I have never regretted taking up Classical Guitar, and I still have much more to learn from him. His knowledge of the Classical Guitar seems boundless and I do hope that he will be able to continue teaching me for the many years to come. ”

Tan Li Thai Sean
Undergraduate School of Computing, NUS
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2021)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)
Trinity Theory Grade 8 (2022)

Tan Li Thai Sean DipLCM 2021Tan Li Thai Sean Trinity Theory Grade 8 Cert May 2022

” Teacher Eric is an extremely talented and hardworking guitarist. As a teacher, he has taught me many things about the guitar, the skills and techniques, also being a patient guider. I am fortunate to have met him and being able to learn under him. He has nurtured me since the beginning of my guitar journey. He would make sure that you grow with the right technique, with passion. His love for guitar is admirable and the love is so easily influenced. He is truly an inspiring teacher!

I took a year break from music during my Secondary 4. When I came back to learning music after my O’s, I lost his contact. And so, I went to find other teachers to teach me. However, there’s just something missing, and I felt that what Teacher Eric gave me as a foundation still lives in me and, I wasn’t growing as much when I’m under someone else. With Teacher Eric, my progress is always fast, for both Theory and Practical as he pushes us to our best abilities. With experience and passion, learning becomes different.

Teacher Eric taught me and trained me to become a guitar teacher. He teaches and guides with confident. When I have doubts, he is always there to answer them. Now with the knowledge and skills I have, I’ll begin my little steps to becoming a great teacher like him!

Teacher Eric is also a father figure to me. I believe that to be able to have come this far, it’s thanks to great teachers like Teacher Eric himself! Thank you so much! I am so happy that I got a Distinction for Grade 8! Cheers! ”

Zann Neo Kai En
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2021)
Classical Guitar and Piano Teacher

Zann Neo Classical Guitar Grade 8 2021

“Mr Eric Loh is passionate about classical guitar and passing on his passion to his students. As a skilled teacher, he is able to cater to students of any age and level and motivate them to learn. He goes out of his way to help his students whom he treats like family and he makes learning fun.”

Chan Li Hui Christine
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2021)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2021)

Christine Chan Classical Guiter Grade 8 2021Christine Chan Theory Grade 8 Nov 2021

‘I started my journey with Mr Loh back in 2009 in a music school. i was 13 and clueless about classical guitars as i was initially only interested in acoustic/electric guitars. so i never thought i could ever manage to go this far. over the years he has taught me alot about classical music and their pieces, i grew to love the classical genre more because of him. 5 years after being taught by Mr Loh, he left the music school to teach privately, which i regret not continuing my journey with him as my parents told me that it is better to stay in the school. i was in Grade 6 by then, but for four years i stayed in the school i didnt progress, which was rather disappointing. i thought i was losing interest in it as i wasnt progressing. so i quit the school and went to work full time. a year later i managed to get in touch with Mrs Loh on instagram, then later she linked me up with Mr Loh. So from there i started my journey with him again, and it felt like i get to pick up from where i left. I progressed very fast and got to prepare for my Grade 8 exams 1.5 years later. I realise that having proper teaching and guidance from the correct teacher is the most important part of my learning journey. I am now taking my theory classes with Mr Loh and eventhough i lack theory knowledge, he has never given up on me and has always pushed me to be better. Thank you Mr Loh for being a good teacher, i wish to someday pass down all my knowledge that you have given to me to others.’

Syasyanadiah Binte Sulaimi
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2020)

“I have been under Mr Eric loh for a year. Under his guidance, I have obtained a certificate of distinction for my grade 8 exam. Also, my theory has gone from grade 1 to grade 5 in a year.”

Lee Zhi Xuan
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2020)
Nan Chiau High School, Secondary 2

“Mr Loh is probably the most passionate and dedicated classical teacher you will ever meet! Over the past 8 years, he has been very patient and encouraging throughout my musical development journey. I always get inspired to better refine my musical pieces and hone my skills whenever I see him play the classical guitar. He never fails to display, capture and bring out the finest essence in every musical piece sincerely. On a more personal front, Mr Loh exudes a fatherly figure – he genuinely cares for his students’ wellbeing. He is also very considerate and motivating whenever I seem downcast or exhausted from school work. I am genuinely very thankful towards him and his wife, Mrs Loh, for their care, concern, and professional guidance over the past 8 years!”

Ong Jing En Jolene
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2020)
Trinity Theory Grade 8 (2022)
Undergraduate, Singapore Management University

Jolene Ong Guitar Garde 8 Year 2020Jolene Ong Trinity Theory Grade 8 Cert May 2022

“For the past 9 years, under the guidance of Mr Loh, I have learnt much from him. A dedicated and experienced teacher, he has been of great help and supported me in my journey of learning guitar. Being able to work towards my diploma under him is something that I am especially grateful for, and I completely trust him to bring me to higher standards through his mentorship.”

Ryan Teng
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2019)
Saint Andrew Junior College JC 2

这次考级,我选择了四首曲子。其中对我最难的是《Bagatelle No.2》。从来没有弹过现代乐曲的我可谓是遇到了瓶颈。老师一次又一次的为我亲自示范,终于教会了我这首曲子。其次,是《La Cathedral》,我们在很紧迫的时间里面学习完了这首曲子。我是一个疏于练习的人,老师让我密集的上课,这样彻底改善了我不爱练琴的缺点,在考级前完美完成了这首曲子。

Huang QianQi
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2019)
Singapore Raffles Music College Student

” “Pass on what you have learned” – The last words of a dying Master Yoda to Luke, the last of the Jedi (Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi)

Mr Eric Loh has always likened himself to a sort of Jedi master, which explains the relevance of the above quote. He treats us – his students – like his padawans (a Jedi apprentice), and to an extent even family. His constant encouragement, lesson structure and passion for music are only some examples of the many traits that define him as an excellent teacher and a true master of his craft.

I have known him for about 9 years now and he has never once given up on me despite my brief periods of inactivity, occasional complacency, and perhaps the one or two failures I have gone through while under his tutelage. After completing Grade 8 and during the preparation for DipLCM, he encouraged me to go out and teach, learning things I could not learn as a student, and in turn furthering my own progress as a musician.

Mr Loh has taught me so much more than just music and I am truly honoured to have been taught by him. I could probably go on for a few more paragraphs but words alone simply cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for my mentor and friend. It is my sincere hope that I can continue living up to his expectations even after leaving the nest and perhaps one day pass on what I have learnt to the next generation of classical guitarists.”

Hansel Neo Jun Yuan, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Murdoch University Undergraduate

“Mr Loh is the best classical guitar teacher you could met. He’s the best person you could discuss with him about guitar pieces and especially music theory which is the knowledge that most guitar teachers do not have.

Under his tutelage for almost 9 years, I would say I am truly blessed that I have Mr Loh as my first guitar teacher that became my lifelong mentor. Not many people are like me who can find one to learn a lifetime.

During my guitar diploma studies, due to some family matters that hindered my guitar studies, Mr. Loh encouraged me to take on the diploma exam as he feels that I’m ready. So I went on to take the exam and finally I managed to achieve an excellent result! I want to thank Mr Loh for believing in me that I could achieve that is of a high standard. After attaining my DipLCM qualification, I have decided to continue my journey with Mr Loh as his student.

Mr Loh is an inspiration not only to me, but also to all his students as he spark our interests in not only playing the instrument, but also exposing us to classical music. I would recommend Mr Loh as a great teacher and mentor if you want to craft your guitar skill and learn music theory!”

Neo LiQin, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2020)
SIT Engineering Undergraduate

“Mr Loh is an excellent teacher who is especially dedicated, patient and passionate about teaching his students, and the results clearly show. I have been greatly inspired after being taught by him for some time, and he definitely makes learning the guitar look easy!”

Darien Lee Jun Wei, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2019)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)

“Mr Loh is a dedicated teacher who is patient and dedicated in guiding and mentoring his students. He taps on his vast playing experience to share about key insights of each piece, and taps on his wealth of experience in teaching to help students develop their skills in guitar playing. I have learnt much over the past few years under Mr Loh’s mentorship, and look forward to learning more from him in the years to come.”

Dr Tang Kai Wen, Aaron
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2019)
Medical Doctor

“Eric is a patient teacher who encourages us to hone our skills by learn music pieces outside of our exam books. His passion for guitar has greatly inspire us and also make lessons enjoyable.”

Sheena Tay Shi Qi
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2019)
Polytechnic Student

“My journey with Mr Eric Loh has been exceptionally fruitful, especially the times when I spent learning diploma lessons with him. Well, as one of his diploma students, I find that I am extremely blessed that Mr Loh has always been there for me, be it when I was a brash teenager or when I am an independent young adult. Through Mr Loh’s hard work and teaching, my playing has been refined and improved. I would have likened his teaching process to wine making, as the strength of my hands and playing have been brought out through years of practicing.

During my army days, Mr Loh was the reason that had led me to pursue a higher level of qualification and set my sights beyond normal grading examinations. Since then, I have never turned back and neither have I regretted my decision to pursue the music diploma. After finishing my diploma examinations, and reflecting upon myself, I realised that if not for Mr Loh’s timely advice, I would not have been able score the exceptional result that I did for my diploma examinations. And I was further enlightened by my friends learning music in other fields, who stopped at Grade 8, was not because of the lack of interest, but the inability to find capable teachers in their field of music. This comment struck a chord within me as I realised how blessed I was, as I had neglected the fact that not everyone was as fortunate as me to find a diploma teacher straight out front.

Even as a teacher now, I still consult Mr Loh from time to time on methods of teaching and it never fails to amaze me when I see Mr Loh teach his students according to their capabilities and ages. It can be said that his teaching epitomises the way of how music teaching should be: adapting to the needs of the student, and enabling him/her to appreciate, play and perform music in the best possible manner.”

Tan Li Yuan Marcus, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2018)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)

“It is said that if you give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.
Over the years under his tutelage, Mr Eric Loh has showed me first hand on how to fish so that I can be independent and feed myself for the rest of my life. I have the privileged in many occasions sitting in his teaching sessions, witnessing first hand on what a music educator does. Most importantly, he has always reinforced in me the pride of embracing Teaching as a profession and how to carry myself as a Teacher at all time.
I am very grateful for his guidance and insights into how to coach student in music and to draw out the potential each student possess. He has practically held my hand and showed me the rope, especially on how to impart music to young learners under the age of 14.
With Mr Eric Loh help, I was able to get a Teaching Diploma with London College of Music (DipLCM TD) in Dec 2019. 
Mr Loh’s passion in Classical Music has seared into me the drive to become a good, if not a better, Music Educator. If it is not for the divine encounter God has arranged between me and Mr Loh, I am 100% sure that I would not have known how to play and teach guitar. 
I can declared this statement to whoever that is reading this right now from his website, that should you decide to make Mr Eric Loh your teacher, you will leave with a mark of a true musician at the end of the journey (figuratively speaking. cause, really, there is no end to a music journey. NO END ^^).

Though a million is not enough, I would still want to +1 another “Thank you” to my Master, Mentor and Music Father, Mr Eric Loh.”

Fredrick Goh Kok Hui, DipLCM(TD)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Teaching, DipLCM(TD) (2018)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)

“Mr Loh has been a great and supportive teacher and mentor who has guided me very well. I have learnt a lot from him and am very inspired to learn more. He has imparted his knowledge to me to not only be a good guitarist, but a great one.”

Izz Muhammad B Ahmad
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2018)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2021)

Izz Muhammad DipLCM Year 2021

“Mr. Loh has been a great mentor throughout the years. His love and passion for music has led him to strive only for the best qualifications, excelling in everyone of them. During his classes he is firm yet patient and ensures that one understands the importance of a balance between theory and practical lessons. There is no question he cannot answer. He is able to point out strengths and weaknesses and hence improving your overall playing. He inspires us all.”

Shervon Ong
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2018)
NTU Undergraduate

“Mr. Loh is a very efficient and adaptable teacher. Able to quickly analyse his student’s learning style and adjust to ensure that they are able to improve as quickly as possible. He is both impeccable in his guitar techniques and musical knowledge. I have him to thank for my strong foundation in practical guitar techniques.”

Sun Ren Han, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2018)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2018)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
National Service

“I have been learning classical guitar with Mr Loh since 2010. Training myself to be disciplined in learning and in practicing. It has been become something for me to relax and to get away from studying. Classical music has become a big part of my life.”

Choy Shu Ting, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2018)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
Republic Polytechnic Student

“Mr Loh has been my guitar teacher since I was 18. I was not the most hardworking student around but he always encourage me and made sure that I keep improving. 10 years has passed and I have finally gotten my Grade 8 in April 2018. I am really thankful to Mr Loh for all the guidance he has given through the years and will continue to work towards my diploma. Thank you Mr Loh!”

Annie Goh
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2018)
Theory of Music Grade 8 (2020)
Music Industry

“Mr Loh has guided me through the higher levels of my guitar education and I can safely say that it is only with his mentorship that I am what I am today. He displays not only mastery of skill in playing as a musician but also very effective and proficient as a teacher. His lessons are always a joy to go to and his passion for the instrument is inspiring. Thank you Mr Loh for your guidance.”

Issac Ting Quan Xian, DipLCM
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2014)
Nanyang University of Technology , School of Art, Design and Media

“Mr Eric Loh has been an extremely dedicated teacher as well as an inspiring role model. He is undoubtedly a passionate musician and is always enthusiastic to share and pass down his skills and knowledge to his students. He teaches with great fervour and provides invaluable insights that allows each student to perform and excel to the best of their abilities.

His care and concern for his students has not gone unnoticed. He would often make the trip down during his day off just to purchase books and instruments for the convenience of his students. Mr Loh has only one rest day each week yet he so often selflessly dedicates it to ensuring that his students are well equipped for lesson. This small act of kindness is a testament to his commitment.

I have been under him for approximately 5 years and there hasn’t been a single lesson whereby I am reluctant to attend. Without his help and guidance, I am certain that I would not have been able to achieve a grade 8 with distinction. His drive to motivate and teach each and every student is undeniably evident with the countless accolades he has helped his students reach.

Apart from his vast knowledge and wisdom in music, he truly understands his students. He knows our flaws and our strengths, he knows precisely how we are motivated and the aspect we most need to work on.

Though I do see him merely once a week, his impact on my life goes far beyond music and learning to play the guitar. He has played a great part in my development as a person.”

Chan Wang Sheng James
Singapore Polytechnic 3rd Year Student (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Mr Eric Loh is one of the most dedicated guitar teachers that I have seen thus far. Not only he is experienced in teaching guitar, the way he moulds his lessons allows us to converse as friends while being a teacher at the same time. He is caring but strict for the benefit of our well-being and skills in playing the guitar. As long as you are hardworking in practicing, Mr Loh’s teaching will definitely push your skill and understanding of the guitar to greater heights, which was what happened to me.

His lessons are clear and concise, yet fun due to the touch of humour that he adds now and then. Due to this, I am able to focus even when I am tired from school work, so most lessons do not go to waste.

I have learnt much about guitar from Mr Loh, ranging from the overall impression of the music piece to the detailed such as dynamics. Furthermore, his professional knowledge of the guitars themselves allows us to obtain what is suitable for us. Whatever he teaches is useful to us, theory for us to better understand the music score, practical to help us understand and play music pieces and the knowledge about guitars for us to better take care of our own guitars.

It is definitely an honour for me to be Mr Loh’s student, and I do hope more students will come to study under him so that he can teach others about the beauty of guitar.”

Sean Tan Li Thai
Victoria Junior College, JC1 (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Mr. Loh is a very responsible guitar teacher. When teaching guitar, he always point out all the details and give me correct advises for improvements. He has many overseas students and I am privilege to be one of them. Thank You Mr. Loh.”

Lim Wei Lun
Johor Bahru Guitar Teacher
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Eric Loh is a dedicated and inspiring teacher with a deep love of music. He teaches with enthusiasm and a superbly positive attitude. The lessons take place in a relaxing learning environment and incorporate elements of theory, technique and musicality.  Eric understands brilliantly how to adjust the content of the lessons to my learning pace. He can always offer solutions for difficult passages and pays attention to details and dynamics. Moreover, he engages me in deeper discussions which make me see behind the music and help me develop my own interpretation. It’s a tremendous joy to take guitar lessons from Eric.”

Sandra Brechbuehl, DipLCM
Lehrerin / Teacher
Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance, DipLCM (2019)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)
Trinity Theory Grade 8 (2016)

“I first met Eric with pretty rusty guitar skills, having not played for about 2 years. However with his patience, dedication and effective ways of engaging you with his musical knowledge and life anecdotes, I achieved a distinction in the LCM Guitar Grade 8 examinations -a major milestone which I would not have been able to achieve without Eric’s mentorship and guidance. He makes every lesson something I look forward to which motivates me to improve not only my technical guitar skills but also my musicality as a musician.

He acquires a keen eye for selecting suitable guitars for each individual- a great bonus for me as a petite-sized lady as certain pieces require intense stretching.

Eric has not only become a guitar teacher that I deeply respect but also a lifelong musician friend. If you want to truly enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the classical guitar while honing your skills effectively as a guitarist, this is definitely the place to go to.”

Genin Koh
MBA student , NUS (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“My experience with Mr Eric Loh started when I was only in primary school. Back then, I didn’t have a good impression of guitar playing even though I still held a desire to play the guitar at a high standard. This was due to my inability to appreciate the music that I was playing, and hence back then I was lazy to put in additional effort into practicing beyond attending lessons. But since I’ve started learning from Mr Eric Loh, witnessing his passion for guitar playing and classical music led me to understand that all music can be inspiring when played correctly, that music isn’t just about the notes.
The energy and effort Mr Eric Loh puts in to ensure the success of his students is evident. Other than giving appropriate criticism of one’s playing and recommending practice methods, he would even recommend strings and guitars to students according to their play styles and abilities and which are worth the price.
A seasoned Music educator, Mr Eric Loh manages to balance between making light hearted jokes and giving serious criticism, between engaging in small talk about music and imparting indispensable theory knowledge, as well as between giving demonstrations and allowing the student to practice at one’s own pace. This ensures he can help the student achieve the highest quality of playing while still having them enjoy the lessons.
With top notch standards reflected by his achievements in Music, advice given by Mr Eric Loh will always hit the nail on the head no matter what standard one is at guitar playing- beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Lessons will never be bland as they are decorated with his extroverted and fun-loving nature. He has been someone I can call both my teacher and my friend.”

Hou Yunhan
Hwa Chong Junior College (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Mr Loh is undoubtedly a highly qualified guitarist and teacher. Mr Loh not only teaches, he inspires and encourages you to reach for even greater heights. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will definitely be able to achieve great results and achievements under Mr Loh’s unwavering support and guidance. I have learned guitar under Mr Loh for almost 6 years and have seen him go above and beyond to help his students. I enjoyed myself very much during lessons and am grateful for Mr Loh’s patience and guidance every step of the way.”

Zoe Low Liang Jun
Singapore Polytechnic (2017)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Mr Loh is a very passionate and knowledgeable guitar teacher. He is a very experienced teacher with many years of teaching experience. I was weak in my playing when I first started learning grade 8 but through his guidance, I improved tremendously. When I have any doubts, he is more than willing to teach me. Not only he is very knowledgeable but also very enthusiastic which makes the lessons enjoyable. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, I highly recommend Mr Loh.”

Alvin Chua Wei Yang
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2017)

“Without Mr Loh, I can definitely say that I’m unable to attain my DipLCM with such ease. Had it not I have never once felt uncomfortable in Mr Loh’s lessons, which proves to be a huge factor in my learning speed. He ensures that his students are able to get the most out of his lessons and that they walk away with a higher level of proficiency. When I had been learning guitar under another instructor before Mr Loh took over, my guitar skill was stagnant and I never dreamt of being able to play anything difficult. However, once Mr Loh took over, I was genuinely surprised by how my guitar performance skill skyrocketed throughout the first few years. With my ability in Classical Guitar, I went further, and developed an interest and passion for acoustic guitar as well.

Through Mr Loh’s recommendation, I was able to receive performance opportunities, going so far as to perform at the National University of Singapore for an award ceremony. Furthermore, I have had the chance to be his assistant at his stint at New Town Secondary School. Undeniably, they were eye-opening experiences that impacted me greatly.

Any student can easily testify to the numerous – no, countless – amazing results that he has produced. He has a great track record to speak for himself as many of his students are able to become instructors themselves.

All in all, Mr Loh is one of the greatest teachers that I have had the honour to be a student of, and his impact on my life extends way further than merely guitar performance. He did not just develop a hunger in me for further improvement in the guitar but in all aspects of life as well.”

Andy Chan Jia Hui, DipLCM
Temasek Polytechnic 2nd year student (2016)
DipLCM (2016)
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2014)


“Eric Loh is an inspiring teacher who guided me through my theory grades with compassion, patience and humour. Eric understood perfectly how to create a relaxing atmosphere which made me feel at ease and made learning easy. The lessons were characterized by challenging tasks tailored to my needs combined with interesting discussions. His lessons helped me to quickly build a solid understanding on music theory and as a result, I proceeded from Grade 1 to grade 8 in less than two years. My achievement was made only possible thanks to Eric Loh’s vast knowledge, his experience and his great teaching skills. I, immensely, enjoyed my theory lessons with Eric.”

Sandra Brechbuehl
Trinity Theory Grade 8 (2016)
Lehrerin / Teacher
Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS)


“Mr Eric Loh has been my teacher and companion for 4 years, and he is my second guitar teacher. What makes him striking is his fiery passion and undying dedication towards music. As a musician and educator, he never ceases to amaze me with the depth of music studies, be it theoretical or practical skills.
When I was in my nascent stages of music, I was inspired by the intricate melodies of the classical guitar. Through his magical hands, he is able to bring about the emotions of the music. This has helped me greatly in my musical journey throughout the years, as his teachings have made me understand that music is more than just the technicality, but also the expression. To be a qualified musician, one has to understand the piece that is played and convey the composers’ message across through their music.
Any good teacher would emphasize on the technicalities of music such as playing or timing, but an accomplished teacher, like Mr Eric Loh, encourages his students to focus on the real substance of each note and how music is played. His emphasis on tone production and phrasing has helped me develop as a guitarist. And I am sure that all his students can testify for that.
On top of that, Mr Eric Loh has been one of the most passionate and respectable mentors that I have come across. From his perseverance to teach even when he is unwell, as well as the efforts he made to allow his students to gain first-hand experience of performing in front of a crowd during the mini December concert that he holds annually, he has proven to be a dedicated teacher with the students’ interests at heart. As such, Mr Eric Loh holds a special place within our hearts as our mentor and friend.”

Tan Li Yuan Marcus
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Ex-RJC student


“Mr Eric Loh has been my guitar teacher since 2010, when I was in Secondary 3. His encouraging words and his firm belief in the potential of his students have affected me a lot, personally. He turned what was my simple interest in the instrument into a burning passion for music, much like his own. I will always be grateful to him for never giving up on me and for always pushing me forward even in hard times. To me, Mr Loh is more than just my teacher, he is an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend.”

Hansel Neo Jun Yuan
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)


“Mr Eric Loh has been my guitar instructor since year 2012. Mr Loh is a passionate guitarist and his love for guitar can be felt by all his students. He is constantly improving his skills and pushing us to greater heights. Mr Loh is able to help me in different method and this can be credited to his long years of teaching and experience with students. Under his guidance, I was able to advance from Grade 5 to Grade 8 and currently practising for Diploma. Mr Loh’s lessons are highly engaging and he shares as much knowledge as he can during our lesson time.
Apart from practical, Mr Loh also teaches me music theory. From his teaching, I realised his strong knowledge of music theory and he teaches me how to apply what I have learnt in practical.”

Wong Wan Yi
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Singapore Polytechnic 3rd year student


“Mr Eric Loh has been my guitar teacher since 2009. I remember joining his class at the age of 12 with a thirst for knowledge for the guitar. Mr Eric Loh encouraged me to practice daily and soon, I would be spending hours on end practicing over and over again till I fell asleep.

Mr Eric Loh taught me to be a guitarist but more importantly, a good musician. I learnt that technical skill is just one aspect of playing an instrument and it is what each musician brings to a piece and the thought that goes into every note that differentiates a good player from a good musician.

As Mr Eric Loh conducts his lessons in his own home. We students are treated as part of his extended family, being able to talk about what is going on with our lives in a casual yet professional setting.

Playing the guitar has taught me patience, perseverance and passion. For that, I will be ever grateful to Mr Loh and his guidance.”

Dennis Leong Ren Kang
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)


“I have discovered Mr Eric Loh over at Registry of Guitar Tutor (http://www.rgt.org/tutors/tutorinfopopup3.php?ID=EL4107) when I am in dire need of a qualified classical guitar teacher.

I was looking for an instructor who can guide and assist me to achieve the certification needed to turn my life around so I can have a life changing experience to become a guitar teacher myself.

Mr Loh does not just simply churn out classical guitarist like a manufacturing plant (though he has and is continuing churning out a lot of certified guitarists in Singapore), he developed them from ground up. The passion he possess for classical guitar music becomes his guiding principle in being one of the best, if not the best, guitar teacher in Singapore that you can ever hope for.

I am an extremely slow learner, but Mr Loh’s patience and experiences has helped me to achieve distinction in Grade 8 Recital in Classical Guitar (LCM) on Aug 2016. This is something that the music school I used to attend unable to do.

Therefore it is safe for me to say this – You do not need to bother to look for other classical guitar teacher in Singapore as he is the only one that is highly qualified and attested by many who has gone through his lessons before me.”

Goh Kok Hui, Fredrick
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Taxi Driver and now Guitar Instructor


“Mr Eric Loh is an amazing guitar teacher and an inspiration to all his students. He is highly experienced and very professional which you can see in his lessons and in the results he produces for his students. He is not just a teacher, he is also a good friend to chat with. I would recommend Mr Eric for anyone looking for a solid and enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results.”

Neo Li Qin
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Ex-Student Conductor of Singapore Polytechnic Guitarists (Classical), Year 2016


“I have been under Mr Eric Loh since 2009 and all I’ve got to say is that he is the best teacher that I’ve got. He makes our lessons fun and interesting in a way we would never get bored of playing the guitar. Back then when my parents almost pulled me out from my guitar lessons, if not because of Mr. Loh who convinced my parents to let me continue, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a merit for my grade 8 in classical guitar today.”

Gabriel Lee
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Temasek Polytechnic Final Year Student (2016)

Note: Kevin Kwan has been taught by Mr. Loh in his exclusive private home studio in Compassvale Road.

“Mr Eric Loh is a caring and diligent teacher, who has the students’ interests at heart, always encouraging us to realize our potential and advance in our standards. In my recent pursuit of my 1st Diploma in Classical Guitar Playing, Mr Loh has been mentoring and teaching me with much care and passion. He even went out of his way to organize a mini concert for us to experience playing in front of a huge crowd, so as to better prepare us for the upcoming exam. Due to his own outstanding qualifications and abilities, he has helped me to pass the exam with flying colours! I really could not have done it without him.”

Kevin Kwan Wei Peng, DipLCM
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2013)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance (2015)
Meridian Junior College, Year 2, Year 2015

Kevin Kwan Wei Peng DipLCM Winter 2015

“Mr Loh is an experienced and dedicated teacher who has continually inspired and helped me to further pursue my musical interests especially in classical guitar through his high level of proficiency in both the instrument and in music theory. I am currently continuing my diploma with him. I highly recommend Mr Loh to any student who wish learn the guitar.”

Darien Lee Jun Wei
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (2015)

Darien Lee Jun Wei LCM Guitar Grade 8 Winter 2015

” “Committed, Passionate, Inspiring”. These are the words that describe Mr Loh and his teaching style. His patience and dedicated teaching has moulded me into the guitarist that I am today. His unwavering belief in the abilities of his students inspires and motivates us when the going gets tough, giving us the determination to push ourselves harder and achieve greater heights. Throughout it all, he keeps his lessons light-hearted, and while we improve at dizzying speeds, we do it whilst having fun and with smiles on our faces.

I am grateful to have been blessed with such an amazing teacher.”

Cheng Jingyan
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
Nanyang Technological University (2015)

Cheng Jingyan LCM Guitar Grade 8 Winter 2015

“I feel so excited to get my Grade 8 Certificate when I heard the news because I have just prepare my grade eight for less than 1 year, it is Mr. Loh who give me a lot of advises and encouragement to help me understand more about the exam and the magic of classical guitar. I even get a chance to perform in a Christmas guitar recital organized by Mr. Loh before the exam! All these help me a lot for my good result. Thank you, Mr. Loh”

Chen Wei
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
Guitar Teacher

Chen Wei LCM Guitar Grade 8 Winter 2015

“The relationship between the teacher and student can be described by the thread and needle. The teacher is the needle and the student is the thread. Therefore I am glad to have Mr. Eric as the needle that guides me through my studies in music and I look forward to studying under his care for the years to come.”

Sun Ren Han
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
Singapore Polytechnic Student
Sun Ren Han Summer 2015 Grade 8

“Mr Eric Loh has been my guitar mentor since 2009 back when i was in secondary school. Learning guitar has been my interest since then. i didn’t know anything about classical guitars back before i was attending his lessons weekly.

Practicing my guitar became a habit eventually, i had to practice it daily and i have make sure that my nails are not broken or injuried.

When i am stressed out from school, i usually picks up my guitar and practice my songs because it’s something which can relaxes me time to time.

Back then, i didnt thought of getting my Grade 8. But now, i got it, did it well and i got a “merit” score for it.

Mr Eric has always been there for me, be it life tips and advises, as well as, being a father figure to me. Without his endless encouragements, i won’t be able to balance my school work and guitar works and i won’t be able to get my Grade 8 certificate today.”

Choy Shu Ting
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2015)
ITE Student

Choy Shu Ting Grade 8 Guitar Spring 2015

“Mr. Eric Loh has been my classical guitar teacher since 2009 starting as a Grade 1 student and up till now I’ve finally finished my Grade 8 LCM examination, moving on to Diploma lessons. All these years he has been very understanding and patient, moving me along the right pace that was suitable and comfortable for me. I never feel pressured being in his lessons and his inspirational passion in classical guitar pushed me further to explore a wide range of classical music. Everytime when I felt that I could not make the grade, Mr. Loh would restore faith in me and guide me to success. No doubt, he is a truly talented guitarist coupled with a cheerful and enthusiastic deposition which makes every lesson pleasurable and productive. I would definitely recommend Mr. Loh without hesitation to anyone of any skill level or even a Beginner!”

Kwan Hui Yi
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2014)

Kwan Hui Yi Guitar Grade 8

“Mr Loh has inspired me in so many ways to continue striving for excellence in my practice of music.
He shares his passion for music during his lessons and his dedication towards his students shows through their performance. I am very honored to be taught Mr Loh despite only learning from him in the later stages of my learning.

He help me to see what I can achieve and do the things some other teachers would have otherwise no confidence to do. He saw potential in what I can be and not simply just what I was back then.

The lessons were focused in polishing my skills to help me shine as a musician to not only be able to play, but also love the art of music.

I am very thankful to have him as a mentor.”

Issac Ting Quan Xian
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2014)
Nanyang University of Technology , School of Art, Design and Media

Issac Ting Quan Xian Guitar Grade 8

“Mr. Eric Loh, is undoubtedly a highly qualified guitar instructor, and possesses an advanced level of skill in performing the instrument. It’s not sufficient to just say that he had taught me how to play the guitar and give him credit for my proficiency, but he has done further than that. His lessons, personality, lifestyle and perspective of life edified me tremendously, and without a doubt it has extended to all of his students as well.

One aspect worthy of highlight is how he conducts his lessons. While putting on a carefree attitude, students feel comfortable with him, and recognize him not just as a teacher, but a friend. It may not seem like a serious attempt at teaching, but everyone can rest assured that by the end of the day, unknowingly we somehow elevated our guitar proficiency.

Under his tutelage for almost 7 years, it was all due to him that I had persevered in guitar, and also my dream of becoming a respectable teacher like him. He is a role model worthy of much better praise than a simple testimonial like this can give.

All in all, he is an ensemble of qualities that any good teacher possesses, and anyone can attest to that.”

Chan Jia Hui Andy
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2014)
Xinmin Secondary School Graduate (2014)

Chan Jia Hui Andy Guitar Grade 8

Note: Jingxiu has been taught by Mr. Loh in his exclusive private home studio in Compassvale Road.

“Mr Eric Loh is an inspiring teacher and a very talented guitarist. He is deeply passionate about the classical guitar and puts in all his heart in passing down his knowledge and skills to his students. His patient guidance allows students to not just improve their mastery of the classical guitar, but also have fun during lessons. He motivates students to work hard and persevere to do well for their classical guitar examinations, and constantly pushes students to exceed their potentials.
Being a student under him for 5 years, I have learnt a lot from Mr Loh. I have just recently completed my DipLCM in Performance for Classical Guitar, and in the past, I also got 6 distinctions for Classical Guitar Grade 1,2,3,5,6 and 8. This is all because of Mr Loh’s guidance and unwavering faith in me. Without his help and hard work, I would never have accomplished these and become the guitarist that I am today.
Mr Eric Loh is definitely one of the best performers and teachers of the classical guitar in Singapore, and I am really glad I decided to learn the classical guitar from him.”

Cheng Jingxiu, DipLCM
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2012)
Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance (2014)
Victoria Junior College, Year 2, Year 2014

Cheng Jingxiu DipLCM Spring 2014 600 dpi

“Mr Eric Loh had been my guitar instructor since 2007. Under his patient guidance, I have achieved distinctions for my grade 1,2,3,8 practical examinations as well as merit for my grade 5 and 6 examinations. In 2013, I also took up theory lessons with Mr Loh and am glad to obtain a distinction in my theory examination. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mr Loh, for encouraging me to excel and pursue further in classical guitar. Mr Loh has a way of making learning more conducive and relaxing. I enjoy every session of my lessons. I would highly recommend students who are looking for a guitar instructor to choose Mr Loh as their top choice.”

Celeste Loh
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2013)
Nanyang Technological University, Year 2/2015

Celeste Loh Yue Qi Winter 2013 Grade 8

“I have just successfully completed my Grade 8 Classical Guitar examination and am also a Grade 5 theory holder, with Mr Eric Loh’s guidance. Apart from my recent accomplishments, I have also 4 distinctions in Grade 1, 3, 5, 6 respectively. I picked up classical guitar back in 2009, being completely clueless about guitars and learning bit by bit from Mr Loh, to be where I am today.
Throughout my past 5 years with Mr Loh, I have learnt so much not just in terms of guitar skills, but also morally as he taught me to persevere, to have patience, to take personal responsibility and to have courage.
With Mr Loh’s encouragements, I had the opportunity to perform on stage in a small concert, to the public. I would never have overcome my fears of performing, if it weren’t for Mr Loh’s faith in me.
Being an aspiring teacher, I was inspired by Mr Loh. I have also taken up teaching, passing the knowledge I’ve learnt and to inspire others, just like Mr Loh did.
I hope one day, I’ll be one of the best performing guitarist and a selfless teacher, just like Mr Eric Loh.”

Chua Jiayee
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2013)
Temasek Polytechnic fresh graduate, Year 2014

Chua Jia Yee Winter 2013 Grade 8

“Having been taught by Mr Loh for nearly 5 years, I have advanced in classical guitar playing at a fast pace, compared to my other friends who are under other teachers. This is mainly because Mr Loh has trained me from the very basics and allowed me to pick up quickly. Mr Loh has everything that you need to know about classical guitar playing and has attained remarkable achievements, even in teaching, probably one of the highest in the whole of Singapore. Also, having many years of teaching experience, Mr Loh teaches his students from the basics and provides them with a good foundation of classical guitar playing. Even at high levels such as diploma, Mr Loh is able to teach his students to perform to the best of their abilities. Learning from Mr Loh has been a great experience, where I have gained much musical background in this area and attained several distinctions in various grades.”

Kevin Kwan Wei Peng
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2013)
Meridian Junior College, Year 1, Year 2014

“I had learnt classical guitar from instructor Eric Loh and got my grade 8 under his guidance. He is a patient, selfless teacher, who is highly passionate in sharing his musical knowledge to his students. I would recommend him to whom who wants to learn classical guitar.”

Cindy Tan Lee Cheng
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2013)

“If someone approach me for a recommendation of guitar teacher, Mr Loh will definitely be my sole recommendation! In fact, I referred a couple of friends to him before and they have since developed proficient guitar skills. Apart from the high qualifications he possessed, the years of experience in guitar teaching he accumulated is sufficient to nurture any keen amateur guitar player to minimally a diploma level. His passion and compassion is reflected on his teaching as he makes sure that every lesson is worth attending and the student gets the most out of the learning. I personally enjoyed his for completing my grades, I hoped to one day return to further improve my guitar skills!”

Queenie Koh
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2012)

“Mr Eric Loh is a dedicated teacher and a proficient classical guitarist.

With dedication comes quality – I am glad be under the tutelage of Mr Eric Loh during my LCM classical guitar performance grade 8 examination. He gives his best in my development as a classical guitarist and has always known the right remedy from the problem.

Apart from imparting technical aspect of guitar playing, his knowledge for the instrument is comprehensive, and discussion in the context of classical guitar has always been fruitful.”

Leon Sim
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2011)
Alumni of Guitar Ensemble Republic

“Mr Eric Loh is a skilled and dedicated guitar player who has many years of playing under his belt. He pays special attention to the development of guitar players both elementary and advanced in the field.
His skill, technical mastery and coupled wisdom over extensive years of playing dictates his authority over the development of guitar players who are entering grade 8 or considering pursuing the instrument in it’s diploma stages.
Unlike your usual run-of-the mill guitar instructor, Mr Eric believes in the future of the younger generation of guitarists. This is evident from the fact that ever since he became a full-time guitar instructor, he has sent many young and budding guitarists for examinations and has produced numerous students I have witnessed perform outstandingly for myself. His student’s consistent and remarkable examination results speaks for him.
Under the fellowship Mr Eric myself for quite some time, I have known him to be an extremely approachable and patient person. He has instructed me from grades 3 to 5 and 5 to 8 for practical classical guitar over a small time span of 2 years. From a ‘pop player’, he transformed my playing into that of a more baroque mode and has always emphasized on keeping my steady classical foundation intact.
Besides this, it is noteworthy to know that Mr Eric’s love for the musical instrument goes beyond playing it but making it as well, having attended Luthier classes overseas. His time spent with the instrument speaks volumes of his dedication his craft and all those who have a common love for classical guitar, it is no wonder why many are inspired by him.”

Cheok Thai Sheung
Classical Guitar Grade 8 (2011)
Army Officer (NSF), Year 2014