Onsite Lessons at student’s place

Eric teaches at his Seng Kang studio most of the time, please feel free to get in touch with him if you need any classical guitar lessons. We also have a team of specialized teachers who will teach music in the comforts of your home. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled teachers are committed to becoming a friend and mentor to fellow students, and aid in their holistic development as a musician.

Our team is passionate about sharing our musical knowledge and we lead students to become self-driven, independent learners. At an affordable rate, we bring convenient and easily accessible music lessons to your doorstep and we provide our learners the opportunity and platform to kickstart learning music.

All our teachers hold a Minimum of Grade 8 Guitar Performance Qualification. Many of them have post Grade 8 qualifications e.g. Guitar Performance or Teaching diplomas.

Details about our program

We also confer the same benefits (periodical consultations from Mr Eric Loh and examination readiness assessment) to students learning from home and at the studio.

Flexible Lesson Schedule

Students receive lesson once a week from their chosen teacher (excluding public holidays). Student are required to pay for a block of 4 lessons. Grade 1-5 sessions will last 45 mins, and Grade 6-8 sessions will last an hour.

Students are required to attend lessons regularly on a weekly basis, however, we allow the flexibility of rescheduling your lessons, as the fees collected are based on per 4 lesson block, students with overseas work commitments or school students with exam can temporary suspend their lesson. Students only need to pay for the next block of 4 lessons when they have used up.

Student who wish to postpone their lesson must give their teacher at least 24 hours notice. Last minute (within 24 hours) postponing or cancelling of lesson is only permitted on medical reasons with medical certificate produced.

Please refer to the list below for our team of travelling teachers.

Our Team

As the main teacher stationed at the studio, Mr Fredrick Goh is devoted and committed to teaching classical music and music arrangement. His 3 years as a studio teacher has allowed numerous students to benefit from his inspirational coaching. Notably, Mr Goh is able to relate and broaden the perspectives of teachers and students alike.

Fredrick Goh, DipLCM(TD)

Sun Ren Han, DipLCM
Mr Sun Ren Han has more than 2 years worth of teaching experience for music theory and classical guitar performance. His first lesson started back in his army days when he did informal teaching on behalf of Mr Eric Loh. Throughout his 2 years, Mr Sun has groomed students and sent them for Grade 2 and Grade 3 Classical Guitar Recital Exams respectively. Mr Sun is a meticulous and caring teacher who understands and adapts to his students needs.

Sean Tan Li Thai, DipLCM
Sean has been playing the Classical Guitar for more than 10 years, he has both Grade 8 in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Theory, and has acquired is Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance (DipLCM) since 2021. Students have feedback that Sean is a very patient guitar instructor. Currently he is also helping his student preparing for Direct School Admission (DSA).

Syasya has been teaching with us for the past 2 years. She has very good with young children and children likes her. She is currently teaching Ukulele and Classical Guitar to children as early as 8 years old. If you prefer a lady teacher to coach your children Syasya is one of the best.

Syasyanadiah Binte Sulaimi CGtr Grade 8 Sep 2020

Zann Neo Kai En
Zann has been playing the Classical Guitar for more than 10 years. She has a Grade 8 in both Classical Guitar and Classical Piano Performance. Zann is able to teach Classical Guitar and Classical Piano. She is also assisting in our studio besides teaching at student’s place. She is very good with young children and all the little boys and girls like her and are willing to listen to her during classes. Most of her students scored Distinction on their graded music examinations.

Zann Neo Classical Guitar Grade 8 2021

If you are interested in receiving lessons from any of the teachers above or have any other further queries, please kindly fill in the info sheet below or give us a sms/whatsapp at 9191 3094. We will revert to you shortly!